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Factory Visit

On Tuesday, we visited the abandoned factory responsible for the 1984 Union Carbide gas explosion. Although we had been learning about the incident for a few days beforehand and had met with survivors the day before, it was extremely sobering … Continue reading

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Sangam Radio

Tuesday afternoon, we visited the broadcasting station for “sangam radio.”  We met with the three women who are responsible for the programming—all of whom are dalit women from local villages.  The radio broadcasts a two-hour program each evening, directed specifically … Continue reading

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Media Project: Identity, Resistance and Liberation

As per course requirements, each SJPD student participates in a small group media or theatre project at some point throughout the semester. This audio slideshow was produced by Anastasia, Ellie Lizzie and Lauren.      

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Yesterday, we spent the morning with David (director of Visthar) and discussed one of Visthar’s major projects: Bandhavi.  Although we had been introduced to the basics of this program during orientation, this was our first real opportunity to examine the … Continue reading

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Onam Festival

According to legend, King Mahabali was a generous ruler who was adored by his people.  The gods became jealous of the people’s adoration of the King, and banished him to the nether world.  The gods granted King Mahabali a final … Continue reading

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