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An Introduction to Hinduism: We are all One

Religion in India is not a hidden or rare thing.  After three months in India we have come to notice signs of religion everywhere we look. These symbols are found in places ranging from tiny shrines scattered throughout the city … Continue reading

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Down by the Water

I think our group came away from our time at Varanasi with a fresh appreciation of religion. For myself, I was reminded of the wonderment and the deep connection people cultivate with their spiritual life, and this is something I … Continue reading

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Identity in Exile

On Thursday, October 2oth, all of us SJPD students heaved a sigh of relief at the end of our second course, and the air was abuzz with excitement at the prospect of leaving the next morning for our mid-semester break. … Continue reading

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I’ll tell you why when we get to the top

Not all of our moments in the field are predictable or planned. However, these times are often the funniest to talk about, after the fact. For instance, imagine you are a group of eight of us, riding in a jeep … Continue reading

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Anyone hungry?

 Just your regular, everyday, normal dinner. (But ten times more delicious than at home… Sorry, America!)

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No, Auntie, no!

For our first full day in India, we were introduced to the students who had come to belong in Visthar’s newest social program, the Visthar Community College. Our first task, in the spirit of Visthar’s mission for us of “Breaking boundaries, … Continue reading

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