Goodebye SJPD

I have one more blog entry assigned to me and I believe I’m the last one who needs to post, so this could be the end of the SJPD blog. I’d like to use this opportunity to say goodbye and thank you to everyone that is a part of SJPD.

Leaving India and its vibrant scenery which has become so familiar to me is sad, but it’s even harder for me to see this group disperse. Back in September, everyone here was a stranger to me. Now, I can honestly say that I can’t imagine not spending every day of the week the 19 other people in this group. They’ve become like family members to me.

Combined with the sadness, however, is a sense of excitement. Above all, India taught me that real change begins at home. In this light, this is not the end of SJPD, but only the beginning. Everyone here has so much to share with the rest of the world. I can’t to see what the SJPDers do when they get back.

Once again, good bye and thank you.
Dan Larson


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